10 – 12 March 2019, Guangzhou

Sensor technologies, industrial measurements and instruments



Exhibitor Promotion

Product groups

Sensor technology

·         Binary sensors

·         Rotary and Measuring transducers

·         Identification sensors and systems

·         Industrial image processing

·         Measuring sensors and systems

·         Safety sensors and systems

·         Measuring instruments for electric signals

Industrial measurement and instrument

·         Circuit parameter measuring instruments

·         Spectrum analysers

·         Virtual instruments

·         High-performance measuring and test instruments

·         Voltage transformers

·         Electrical energy instruments

·         Voltage measuring instruments

·         Current measuring instruments

·         Temperature Instruments

·         Pressure instruments

·         Flow instruments

·         Valves

·         Levelling instruments

·         Display instruments

·         Pressure sensors

·         Temperature sensors

·         Magnetic sensors

·         Humidity sensors

Exhibitor Review



Exhibitor Statements

SIAF is one of the most influential exhibitions in industrial automation industry in South China, especially in the field of sensors. We found SIAF is a show with high value. Therefore we keep participating in SIAF. This is the fourth time we join SIAF.

Ms Chen Haiyan, Marketing Communications Manager, Balluff (Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd

“We were delighted to be in the same event as most of our competitors. The visitor flow was very impressive and a number of professional buyers visiting our booth asked intelligent questions about our products. The organization of the fair was also great and visitor can expect to see us again next year.”

Mr Albert van Wyk, Managing Director, Contrinex Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd