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Here, you will find all the important information you need for your preparations at SPS – Smart Production Solutions Guangzhou.

Opening times


Date Opening time
25 - 26 February, 2025
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
27 February, 2025
9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Buyer comments

EKT Katrang (Lebanon)

Mr Amir Katrangi, CEO
I visited SIAF Guangzhou many times in the past, as I can always meet new suppliers of the latest technologies for industrial automation. And so, I am happy to return to the show this year to see the latest products and innovations on offer in China. After walking around the hall, I found that the products on display were of very high quality, reflecting the continuous enhancement of the Chinese manufacturing process. I hope to come back here again for next year’s show.


Mr Zhou Minqiang,Engineer of No. 1 Production Department
I have visited SIAF for four or five sessions. As a multinational enterprise with headquartered in Japan, we would choose products original from Japan before. However, we have seen unceasing progress on the quality of domestic ones in the past few years, and we will transfer to domestically-made ones with cost expected to be reduced by 30%. The procurement targets today are electric cylinder substitutes, safety locks, etc. SIAF is an efficient one-stop sourcing platform with gathering suppliers from various categories in the industry. I could get closer to the latest products on the market. Definitely I will visit the show next year.

Howag-Swisspur Ltd

Rene Forster, General Manager
Our factory does wire-cable and harness assembly in nearby Zhongshan, and we’ve been coming here regularly for many years to connect with suppliers and get more ideas on what we can do to make our processes more efficient. This year is huge, and I’ve found many new things that have surprised me. I believe SIAF is very important for the customer and for the supplier to see what’s going on in the industry. As engineers, being able to physically see and interact with the product is very exciting, and so I will absolutely come back next year.
  1. Automotive engineering
  2. Packing and printing
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. 3C Electrical engineering & 3C
  5. Food & Beverage
  6. Textiles printing, footware & clothing
  7. Pharmaceutical industries
  8. Machine tool manufacturing
  9.  Lighting engineering
  10. Light industry machinery
  11. Environment, waste management
  12. Aerospace
  13. Petrochemical industry
  14. Energy producing and management
  15. Computers & networks
  16. Transportation
  17. Water conservancy & hydropower engineering

Business matching & appointment making services


The organizer offers Business Matching & Appointment Making Services on “Messe Frankfurt Visitor Service Center” WeChat (ID: mf-visitor; Chinese: "法兰克福展览观众服务").

Through the Business Matching & Appointment Making Services, visitors can view a list of exhibitors that matches their product interests. They can send meeting appointment requests to exhibitors who have registered for Business Matching & Appointment Making Services after visitor pre-registration on VSC WeChat. (in Chinese only)

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Puzhou Venue

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